Employee Voice

Procurement Member

Company provided a lot of learning opportunity. Such as, Japanese course, tour for learning camera structure, visit the factory. Colleagues and superiors are willing to share their working experience, negotiation skills. It can improve personal development.

Joined in 2018

Logistics Member

Working in CEHK, a world-renowned company, further enhance my professional expertise and skill in international logistics field which is valuable to my career development. Thank you MD and LOD team for giving me the opportunity. I will continue to contribute to CEHK in the future.

Joined in 2022

Accounting Member

So glad to be a part of CEHK member. We're like one big family which encourages and empowers me for this company. I appreciate each guidance and support in tackling work challenges, putting them into practice every day.

Joined in 2020

HRA Member

I'm incredibly grateful for the inclusive, supportive, and growth-oriented company environment. It fosters a sense of belonging, supports my career aspirations, and enables effective teamwork. It has been a fulfilling one-year journey as and HRA member.

Joined in 2023